Drunken Ravings
Everyone is going to be jumping on the Bush foreign policy bandwagon . Russia agrees, they will go after terrorists wherever they hide. Say... Chechnya. The Saudi's, Iraqi's, Syrians, Egyptians, Libyans, et al are i'm sure drawing up target lists of 'terrorist jews' in israel and their supporters in the US. I wonder if the Iranians have predators? And in the spirit of the war on terrorism will we assist them in locating the 'terrorists' in NY, Cali, Florida...

Great Britain i'm sure has a couple names of IRA supporters in the US. And THEY im sure do have something 'predatorish'. Or is it only fair when we do it?
The very fact that someone says "it's a proven fact" is a pretty sure indicator that its neither fact nor proven.
Well the 'guns are evil' whackos did it again. It seems that gun manufacturers and distributors are the real cause of murder and mayhem.

It seems a murdering piece of scum stole an unloaded gun and bullets his friend kept in a cookie tin in a drawer and shot his teacher.

Who's responsible? The antigun psychos decided

The school board $10.8 million
family friend $12 million
Distributor $1.2 million.
Murderer $0

Lets free Malvo and his buddy now. After all it wasnt the poor helpless snipers fault. It was the evil AR-15 that forced them to kill people and the evil gun show dealer he STOLE it from and the manufactuer who made the gun. Oh wait.. thats not a 'cheap gun'. The brown people can't afford that one.. so its ok. The racism and classism of the
antigun nuts grows more blatant by the day.

Herein i attempt to sound like a paranoid raving lunatic. Im not paranoid dammit.

Ok so.. the pentagon apparently plans to REWIND the upcoming Iraq Invasion and start over if those pesky Iraqi's dare shoot at us. The FBI warns of Terrorist attacks and Bush is mad about it, the latest push from the right is for a system to spy on and Monitor each and every American (run by John Poindexter.. convicted liar and felon), and the Left, middle AND the right successfully fought off TIPS.. a Bushy program to have your kids spy on you and turn you in for "suspicious activities". The black helicopter folks are starting to look like they know what theyre talking about.

Why exactly do people think that somehow government employees are above corruption and wouldnt misuse the information they collect.. especially when they have proven they Will abuse any information or power you give them repeatedly regardless of the law? The fact that they kept information obtained on gun owners as a result of instant checks despite the law and the courts specifically ordering them not to should settle that issue.
(Yes i know im rambling)

The Eastasian bloc awaits the state of perpetual war. Eurasia must of course be watched closely by the subjects of Oceania lest they become a threat. Luckily we have the ministry of truth, formerly known as Abc/nbc/cbs/fox/cnn... formerly known as journalism, to protect us from the so called 'facts' of those evil leftists and libertarians. As we all know liberty is the enemy of Total Security (tm) of the state.

(Ok time to stop im scaring myself. Orwelles' 1984 is hitting way too close to home).

If you havent read 1984 .. or rather werent forced to in school go get a copy. After you read it remember it was published in 1949. And that Orwelle was really talking about the British ie Western society though cloaking it in an attack on Fascism (according to papers discovered recently). then go get a beer or go to a zoo or go play with your kids.. the book is deeeepressing.

Note to self:
Government cameras on public streets to 'deter crime'
TIPS program proposed to have citizens act as informants of 'suspicious activities'.
A national database proposed by a criminal and an unelected president to collect all information on every citizen and rate them with a 'risk factor' based on that information.
Bush's 'perpetual war' against terrorism handily buries all other issues of the day.
"Predator' assasination drones flying the skies.
The CIA and Pentagon prominently involved in the sniper case.
The major media in the united states being conglomerated and 'journalists' who dont tow the corporate/right line being expunged. (Ten corps and counting down).
Garrison Keillor is Pissed! (i plagiarised that line from Eric Alterman .) Hey at least i steal from the best!

And just when you think the GOP has learned to hide its racism...

Does anyone but me think its funny that the only black commentators these days are Far Right ubeconservatives.. despite the fact black voters give their votes to the Dems?
Jason at his blog slash magazine pointed something out to me i think we all like to forget.

Jason says "at least since Dukakis and probably earlier, GOP political strategists have been successful simply by calling their opponents liberals. The media consultant Art Finklestein is a one-note Johnny hurling the label as though it were an epitaph. If there's a way we can reclaim the word liberal and make it mean something the country will support, I'm all for it".

His email was about more than that but the thing that struck me was how we somehow didnt see it coming, or fight it after it happened. If you flash back to the Carter administration, you remember gas shortages. Long lines at the pump. Americans humiliated daily as Ted Koppel reminded us over and over with his new nightly show (yup folks Koppels show started as a daily journal of the hostage crisis) that a small third world nation full of fundimentalists held america by the gonads.. and squeezed.
Theres a lot more to this story.. Reagan campaign officials in secret meetings with the Iranians, US 'elite delta ops' in their one , and only real test failing miserably to rescue the hostages. Carter's unwillingness to use the military. But at that time in history even the most liberal of americans felt humiliated and angry. The US government was seen in the US and around the world as a vast beauracracy set up to provide jobs to career politicians more than to further the interests of the american people. And after Carter and Mondale.. we had.. Dukakis.

A small man physically, and not anything to brag about politically. Dukakis was to the Democrats what Bush was to the GOP. A political insider who knew how to pull all the right strings and spout all the right politically correct rhetoric to get the nomination. He was a wimp. The GOP was falling all over itself in glee. They had cowboy western actors like Reagan, men who took strong stances (even if they were intellectually bankrupt.. just plain foolish or antidemocratic.. as shock of all shocks BUSH himself pointed out). And we had.. a small man running on environmentalism (though the cities he bragged about most had toxic rivers) and pushing a few funds here.. a few funds there and giving lip service to all the other micro-issues of the moment the pundits told him he should.

Sound Familiar? It was during that time that the Legacy of Kennedy and FDR was abandoned for the career insider poll dominated strategy we have now. Even among the left journals and blogs this very moment we see these people crying out how we need to pick up this issue. Or tweak that one. Or maybe if we move farther right. Or perhaps we should just GOTV a little more. Or of course my perennial favorite "its those damned greens and Libertarians who by god oughta be voting dem". If you werent having flashbacks when our big "anti-bush" was none other than Walter Mondale you either werent there during carter or had blinders on.

What we need are Leaders. Leaders in the old sense. In the days of prefeudal england, or civil war america, or texan 'independance' a leader was just that. He was a man who could , without some big political structure behind him or huge checks made out to "the xxxxx party" go out to the towns and villages and rally men to his cause. Che Guevara , Sam Houston, Davy Crockett, Lenin, Churchhill, Ghandi. Some of these Reprehensable human beings. But leaders. They believed in something and rallied others to their cause. Can you truely see our senate leader doing that? Can you see Biden or Lieberman rallying union workers in the beginning of the century to stand up against company owned police forces gunning down labor activists? I cant. We need leaders with FIRE in their hearts. We need leaders who fight back when a right wing nut calls us unpatriotic to point out Daniel Inouye has a Congressional Medal of Honor while bush appears to have been awol for a year during Nam. We need them to point out Bob Kerrey, ex SEAL and medal of honor winner when the Chickenhawks in the GOP brag about their days hiding from service through special exemptions or country club reserve service.

Being a liberal takes more than blind allegiance. Even during the best times we fight among ourselves. And as things get worse we get louder.. not quieter. It takes guts to be a Wellstone, most wanted on the GOP bigmoney hitlist before his shocking death. It takes guts to be Ted Kennedy when you've seen your brothers assassinated for espousing the beliefs you Still fight for regardless of their current media popularity. It takes courage to be a Norm Soloman when the media trashes you without fact at every opportunity. It takes guts to say "Thanks you to all of our combat veterans. Thank you to every man and woman who fought for my right to disagree with WHY you were sent to fight.". LIBERAL is a GOOD word. LIBERALS as a baptist preacher once told me, try not to cast the first stone. Liberals want to bring the poor in out of the cold. Liberals.. especially those of us who DONT want our government's corrupt nose to decide which god we should pray too, try to live every day the way the right wingers with the "WWJD" bumperstickers claim to. Thats what makes us liberals you see. We fight for the weak. We fight for the poor. We fight for the unpopular. We take the side of the poor prophet standing agaisnt the moneychangers in the temple. Not the moneychangers and their Imperial guard. Its good to be a liberal. Lets hope we find a few democrat politicians who believe that and shout it to the world before we are all chanting hail Ceaser, hail Bush.
The Iraqi's are buying nerve agent antidote. Shock of shocks.
A scenario for you. US forces attack. Iraqi forces offer token resistance and retreat to the cities. US Forces bomb the cities to oblivion til one of the
far right owned media feels compelled to finally mention that we're killing thousands of those people we are supposedly there to 'free'. US Ground troops (also
known as infantry.. also known as joe down the street covered in camo and lugging fifty pounds of gear and an m-16) assault in street to street fighting. Iraqi troops
use tactical chemical weapons (also known as gas grenades and artillery). Thousands of US and Iraqi troops die horribly. Even more civilians die horribly. Scuds and 'suicide gassers' kill thousands of Isrealis. Isrealis hit back. HARD.
Islamic world up in arms European cities engulfed in mass protests. US cities engulfed in mass protests. US media pretends its not happening. Media cheers as bush "expands the war against evil". Oil supplies dry up. US economy in ruins (oh wait... we're already there). and on.. and on.. and on...

My objection to the war on iraq is actually simple:
A: we're going to kill a lot of innocents who HATE Hussein.
B: We're going to start a mideast-wide war.
C: um "its the oil companies stupid"..the reason we're fighting to fill Bush family and allies pockets in the first place.
D: Who's next.. afghanistan, argentina, iran,north korea, pakistan? Its funny how the "War Party" is the very party who seems
clueless about when and why to fight, and when and why NOT to.

(Hey anybody seen Osama lately? You know.. the bad guy we're fighting against using bases in the countries that fund him by overthrowing one of the middle eastern leaders who hates his guts)
dou·ble·think (dbl-thngk)
n. Thought marked by the acceptance of gross contradictions and falsehoods, especially when used as a technique of self-indoctrination


The "Red white and blue" GOP hates those evil liberal elite in the ACLU for daring to defend... the bill of rights.

The GOP.. the "party for a strong defense".. who cant be bothered to serve themselves or let their children be placed in danger.

The "little guy party" Dem's will defend the will of the voters to death. Except of course when it comes to Roe V Wade or the Second amendment. Those of course must be imposed by Judicial fiat. Wouldnt want the unwashed voting on that stuff.

A lot of the good blogs are starting to rationalisethe LOST election. How we didnt really lose very badly. Mcauli$$e really did his job etc etc.
ANTIDOTAL among others rationalise if only we'd gotten out the vote Harder. If only those
lazy traitor dems had voted. If only we'd listend to the Demopublicans and been good little soldiers we'd have won the house and senate and..
gotten more republican policies through! Havent we heard this before? Havent we been down this road?
When one of the most intellectually bankrupt presidents in this century Steamrolled Jimmy Carter the left blamed it on gotv, on the media, on the oil crisis,
on evil southern voters. Noone seemed to notice that the american people endured and supported Carter through an economy that just got worse and worse. Supported him
and the democratic congress despite the fact the response to Iranian extremists kicking america in the gonads was "be patient this too shall pass". Reagan won for three reasons. First he had a message. That message was "Don't tread on us". Of course in reality he made backroom deals with the iranians to give them weapons if
only they'd hold the hostages til the very hour he was elected but thats beside the point. His second message was "the economy matters". Yes thats right poor and middleclass voters in the Traditionally Democratic south voted for him in droves. Of course this is attributed to racism because it seems thats the only way the NY and Cali liberals can think of the south. *ahem.. looks around for a Southern Daryl Gates.. looks to see if southern cops put 47 bullets in an unarmed black man entering his home*.
And thirdly he attacked a big weakness of 'progressives'. It's a fault i think all of we on the left have. Arrogance. We know whats best for you. You arent smart enough to think for yourself after all your just an uneducated,poor,probably minority, probably racist who.. while we want to help you. .we CERTAINLY dont want you in our country clubs.

Thing is .. we havent learned.

The minority vote is viewed like an inheritance the Dem politicians have a right too. Wake up folks. The gop has put people like Rice, Thomas, and Powell in power. Yes theyre tokens. Yes theyre sellouts. Yes they are only able to be where they are because of Us. But thats not what voters see. Voters see a republican putting minorities in power. They see us giving them lip service. This is going to bite us in the ass.

On patriotism and defense, voters Agreed with us and Clinton that the military needed to be scaled back in a big way. On the other hand they DIDNT want a Carter-era military. Yet another case where Carter southern-old money policies are still killing us. Lets face it folks. Americans are human. When someone kicks us, they want to kick back. Chanting mantra's of 'patience and understanding' when the lunatic of the week assaults the US isnt going to get the liberals any votes. Neither will parroting terrorist propaganda out of the palestinian media campaigns playbook when some lunatic runs into an Isreali market and kills a dozen innocents. (Historical note: the Jewish community have been traditional allies of the left and minorities, yet now its considered politically incorrect to dare critisize murderers like Arafat, yet PC to attack murderers like Sharone).

On the economy they still slam us as being bad for the economy. Despite any reputable historical analysis showing that its the DEMS who are good for business, and gop policies that sink the economy. Despite the fact that it was Clinton who balanced the budget, Bush sending us into a deficit spiral. Despite the fact that Bush is tanking the economy .. we're seen as tax and spend. When congress Neutered the relatively miniscule amount we spend to help the poor (50 billion or so at the time). We didnt point out that corporate welfare trounced that figure. Or give examples. We didnt FIGHT.. we sniped. The gop puts up a trillion dollar tax cut for the top 1% and tosses the middle class a couple billion and our leadership whimpers that the poor should get more. So the gop 'compromises' and 'gives' a tax break to the middle class We declare a victory, the gop declares a victory. The electorate yawns and rolls at its eyes.

Consider just the New York race. The 'bastion of the liberal intelligencia". The supposed heart of the left , despite the fact that thoseTwo opponents, one the inheritor of Republican Juliani , the other a candidate selected in the elite backrooms of the DNC, goes republcan. Again. The gop, as always, campaigns on a platform of "just trust us we good ol boys will take care of ya". While the Democratic party as usual campaigns on "we'll divert some money here for this, and there for that, and we'll impliment this policy with some provisions for...*YAWN*". Consider how the race might have been different if instead the Dem message had been this in NY.

"If you elect me, i will work hard to clean up NY so that we can breathe clean air again. I will clean up the rivers so we can swim in them rather than cover them with warning signs. We will solve the homeless problem in new york. We'll do this by building shelters and finding jobs for those who can work. We'll do it by making housing affordable to the poor. We'll clean up corruption in the cities government and business communities, whether that corruption be democrat or republican or other. We'll fight Violent crime and put those who commit it in jail and keep them their. We'll clean up the NYPD and get rid of the corrupt and racist officers there holding back the men and women who
risk their lives everyday to defend us , only to be tarred with the misdeeds of those corrupting the organisation they work so hard for. We will get rid of the slumlords of new york and the dens of drugs and crime they foster by frequent inspections of the slums they run and finding alternative housing for people with no choice but to live in these hellholes. We'll put the police in All communities as partners. We'll encourage police officers to live in the communities they are assigned too. So they can become part of that community and nurture it and see its good sides. Its time to clean up new york and make it the city of dreams we know it can be".

Of course no democrat now would have the guts to say that. It would offend the corrupt among the beauracrats. It would scare corrupt police officers. It would anger city inspectors taking weekly graft from the slum lords. It would worry slumlords with huge real estate holdings. But he'd win. Thats what reagan did. We on the left knew he was lying. We knew his real agenda was money to big business and school prayer. But he won. And he won big. Because he offered hope, he offered belief, he offered the people a dream to work for. Maybe its time the party of dreamers, the party of the little guy, the party of hope.. offered the voters a dream. And one that we can accomplish.
Does this bother anyone but me?

Gotta love the ChickenHawk party.

If you care about the democratic party go HERE and tell our esteemed senate leader to GET OUT!
Want to hear what other Honest to god REAL democrats think? You know the guys who DONT think cumpulsory prayer, secret police and a corporate run
government is a good idea? Go here and givem hell!
I've been thinking a lot about the wrath of the left against the south lately.
Not that any of these people have ever been to the south, or know anything about it.
Not that they know that Truman Capote, William Faulkner, John Grisham, Mark Twain, Thomas Wolfe and slew of others came out of the south.
Not that the 'civilised rightthinking' LA has Daryl Gates and his Fascist LAPD to boast and we dont bothers them.
Not that we have some of the finest educatonal institutions including Duke, Wake Forest et al.
Not that they remember that the Democratic party was pretty much founded, run , and powered by southerners..
I wouldnt want to shock any of these people from New York and LA and the other 'triumphs of liberal governance'
(who keep electing right wingers but that must be ignored at the peril of leftist mythology).

It seems to me that after the happy abandonment of the south by the Dems after the Carter years the Democratic party has lost more and more of its power.
Seriously now. We sent a southern governer (who was anything but an average southerner) to the white house and he... well very nobly failed.. miserably.
Southern culture, it may be a shock for some to learn, is a pretty macho culture. We dont like third world nations running over us. You may have noticed that
when the south went red and voted Reagan. And of course, as the party elite really know whats best for us mere peons, they were shocked when people like Buchanan got a lot of support because he , shock of all shocked, campaigned on NOT sending the southern textile economy to mexico. Luckily for us democrats his racism and ignorance was already out there (guess what.. people in the south dont like racism.) and he didnt get elected. Those uppity rednecks.. dont realise we're doing this for their own good. Why... as soon as we get all that southern industry shipped to mexico we'll get them doing what they should be. The Carolina mountains could use more McDonalds and Holiday inns for us to stay in while we visit the backwards folks.

And now for something completely different (im in a rambling mood)

I think this is the real problem of the party now. No. Really. Does anyone else remember when a politician would stand for something.. and people would vote for him?
When people would get together around a set of issues and send a candidate to run for public office? Now it seems its just the opposite. Daschel and Gephardt and Mcauliffe sit in their washington offices, happily kept safe from the rabble (who.. are the only people in the United states not allowed representation.. but theyre taxed.. seems like i remember some old slogan about that) and pick who they will run where. Oh so Joe Democrat model x202342 isnt from Georgia, we can rent him an apartment there before we run him. So what Jill Democrat model x2301012 has never even been to Oregon. We'll buy her a little house before she runs. Theres some upstart leftist professor in texas running for office and nearly winning? Well.. he hasnt been vetted by the establisment.. if the polls show him winning we'll toss a few grand his way.
We have no national message? So what.. its not about message or principles its about your organisation and working the polls. Remember when the democratic party stood for something?

Right now we have a democratic party lead by beaurocrats out to protect their jobs. Its that simple. They dont have an agenda. They dont care about much other than their perks. We've watched them fail for twenty years now, with only a brief respite under Clinton, who none of them ever backed or stood up for. And you can see them now trying to figure out how they are going to keep their jobs. Has anyone heard a single democratic leader say "I screwed up"? All i've heard is that they'll be doing intense polling and try to find some new issues to run on. *Sigh*

What the Democratic party needs is a housecleaning. Gephardt started the ball rolling. It's time for Daschel and t he other wimps to retire to nice cushy lobbying jobs.
It's time for us to stop being lead by politicians and select a leader. Thats what happened to the republicans. They stopped trying to win for a while and stood for something under reagan. It worked. Most people dont agree with What the gop stands for. But they know they stand for something.
Maybe its time we intellectually superior democrats learned a little something from the opposition.
This election is the single greatest thing to happen to the democratic party since Nixon's resignation.

For the past ten years we've seen the major parties and the major media become increasingly owned by big business and the ultrawealthy. It has come to the point where neither democrat nor conservative sees any difference between the major parties. The media get their cues from washington and the few megacorporations who own them, and there is no real political discourse.
Over the last six months we've seen George Bush lie so blatantly about iraq even his own Cabinet and the leading military men of our nation have questioned this rush to imperialism. Yet noone calls him a liar. The CIA, a notoriously right wing organisation, openly countered his lies with fact, yet the media fears holding him accountable.
Meanwhile the 'democratic message' is "we arent him!". While Bush puts wholly owned and controlled minorities like Rice , Powell and Thomas in positions of power , shielding itself from any racial bias charges, the drug war criminalised the majority of the minority male community, while handling the white middle class using and selling most drugs with kid gloves. Meanwhile the response of the democratic 'leadership' is to ponder how cool their new ultra-state of the art campaign headquarters (funded by those corporations the party claims to be fighting) and gives itself selfcongratulatory pats on the back for having the minority and proabortion vote. Meanwhile the strongest proponent of the single most important issue before the nation is a republican John McCain. A man who terrifies the powers that be so much his own party slanders him. Theres something very very wrong with the dems when the most important proponant of an ideologically democratic issue, campaign finance reform, is a Republican Sendator.

We've come to a place in history where there is not diversity of political thought. Cultural conservatives are hoodwinked by the corrupt corporatists of the gop into the idea that their agenda matters. Social liberals who worry about the homeless in the poor in the Dem party are conned to believe people grovelling for money for their campaigns and watching their stock portfolio's are actually worried about people trying to support a family on minimum wage.

With the loss of this election it may just be the wakeup call the party needs. If a housecleaning happens in the democratic party becomes the party of people who believe in issues uniting to achieve them, rather than the party of politicians casting around for what will keep them in office, it will mean america becomes what it always claimed to be. A democracy, of ,by and for the people. As of right now.. america is the party of, by , and for the corporatists and the ultrawealthy.

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