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"An evil exists that threatens every man, woman and child of this great nation," the leader of another country once wrote. "We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and protect our homeland."

Adoph Hitler, writing about creation of the Gestapo in Nazi Germany

Those most often eager for war are rarely those who have fought our wars.

Your local recruiters as well as the federal government now have a legal right to force schools to turn over the name,age,address and phone number of every student in secondary schools. Sound like a good thing? Well im sure glad there are NO pedophiles or rapists in the military. And after all, our schools arent locally funded by parents to educate their children. They are of course to provide the far right with new fodder for its chickenhawks' cannons. I'm glad the government will of course not abuse these lists or turn them over to corporations. And it will make it so much easier to set up the new hitler... i mean Bush-youth.
Why IS it called 'regime change' anyway?

How can you claim to be an American and be anti-ACLU? You know.. the people who's only focus is protecting the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States of America. The document every Soldier, Sailor, Marine and Airman swears to defend with his life?

The big media companies are even waking up to Big Brother. ABC ran an AP article detailing some examples of the governments shredding of the constitution. With the 'patriot' act, Total Information Awareness (did i mention thats being run by a liar and a felon yet?), the longstanding NSA disregard for the constitution, the CIA and Pentagon getting into the police business , and this supreme courts complete lack of respect for the constitution, America is quickly becomeing the place those of us on the left have feared for thirty years. .

I want to have kinky degenerate MindSex (tm) with Molly Ivans.

Meet the New Boss, just the same as the old boss... Nancy Pelosi went on meet the press to do her very very best to emulate Gephardt.
*listening to the Who* We won't get fooled again?

The mideast is erupting again. This time with terrorist attacks on Israel and US Citizens and Troops. I propose a solution. Sharone and Arafat in a knife fight to the death. And we shoot the winner. Two murderous men using the deaths of others to keep them in political power gone. Then maybe the Jewish and Palestinian people can finally have the peace they deserve.

In something a little related. The pentagon apparently wants 25,000 and 30,000 pound bombs to take out bunkers "it cant take out currently without excessive collateral damage". It seems they believe that if you use a 30 thousand pound bomb, it will have much less risk of harming innocents around the blast area than a 5 thousand pound bomb. Is it juuuust me?

In very related news, in the same story CNN shows a video of a bomb it says the US used in Afghanistan and is complaining isnt big enough. The video they showed was of the 'Fuel - air' bomb. The closest thing to a nuclear weapon short of being nuclear and considered by a lot of the military as a more politically correct replacement of just that.
If we are using fuel-air weapons in afghanistan it means we are using weapons of mass destruction. These arent "guided weapons", they are designed to totally devestate everyone and everything in a very large area. The problem is its hard ot know what is going on in afghanistan as the media quite simply refuses to report anything out of
Afghanistan that wasnt fed to it by the pentagon. This is a free press? It's a sad day when US citizens have to rely on the foreign press to know whats really going on in the US and abroad.

In news the american public cares more about Micheal Jackson is abusing children again. But hey.. thats ok. He's rich and famous after all.

I have been shocked to find myself reading Arianna Huffington. Until i read her reasons for the change. I've always been leftist but my politics, and i think most peoples, have undergone a similar change. The 'left-right" thing doesnt work anymore. It never did really. The real divide? It probably has more to do with Class and Race than left or right. And the GOP has muddied that line in the last twenty years with lies and fake positions. And that my friends, is why the GOP, traditional party of racists and the actual elite, has tricked working class people and even a few minorities into voting for them.

Daschle is whining again trying to get his name in the news. Last week it was a right wing conspiracy to stop the Bankruptcy "reform" bill. Hey mister Senator. The bill was a RIGHT wing corporatist handout. Remember us? The democrats? You're reading from the wrong play book studly.

Oh and according to the his cluelessness (Daschle)..
""We were just talking with some experts a couple of days ago about how, if we're going to try to break through as Democrats, we have to have the same edge that Republicans do," he said.

Daschle has said Democrats were hurt during the midterm elections because of their inability to get a clear message out to voters. "

I guess you have to be a political relations firm for the Democratic leadership to listen to you. Havent a lot of us been saying this all along?
BTW just in case you forgot mister clueless... STEP DOWN. We need LEADERs not jellyfish.

Argh enough of this. Off to read Alterman and Molly Ivans . How can that not cheer you up.

"This is what extremely grieves us, that a man who never fought should determine our taxes, one who for his native land never to this day had oar, or lance, or blister in his hand."
Aristophanes 400 B.C.

The best victory is when the opponent surrenders of its own accord before there are any actual hostilities.... It is best to win without fighting."
Sun-tzu 300 B.C.

The gop learned well from Sun Tzu. True Democratic beliefs were surrendered to Reagan years ago. It only recently become official.
DASCHEL step down NOW!
A Gutsy Republican has seen the light. The drug war doesnt work, and was never intended to.
It has however been very successful at putting young minority men in prison and taking away their right to vote. You think it's a coincidence the GOP is winning elections?
Thanks to No War blog for pointing out Why we're going to war. Go see it you'll die laughing.

If you've argued this with your righty friends like i have you've heard Exactly these arguments. My thick skull is beginning to understand that, to the right, mere fact doesnt matter when it gets in the way of their desires.

Wondering where our next suprise 'war on terrorism' efforts will be? Watch El Sur and dont be suprised if we start sending larger numbers of troops south rather than east. By the way.. did you know they happen to have a lot of Oil in South America?

Custom produce replacement organs? New youthful skin only a doctors visit away? Reinvigorated muscles? Research into stem cells is opening the door that genetics promised to. Though we may never be able to reverse aging completely, at least according to slightly questionable theories on cells ability to replicate infinitely and entropy 'philosophies' masquerading as science, you may someday be able to live til a very old age in a relatively young body.

FuturePundit has clarified (mostly) some good news for everyone on Stem Cell research, wherever you sit on the abortion debate and a lot of other ethical issues. It looks like we'll eventually be able to clone and reproduce embryonic or 'young' (the good kind of) stem cells. And in time 'switch' adult cells back to stem cells which will take this dilemma out of the abortion debate at least. Though his arguments concerning 'flipping' adult cells into embryonic cells and having the same philosophical issues as with concieved fetal stem cells completely misreads, or misstates the arguments against stem cell research and embryonic cloning he points out the revolution stem cell research will eventually reveal.

WARNING: long rambling psuedoscientific mush to follow.. (I warned you).

Reading Futurepundit has reminded me of the more and more common practice of mixing science, philosophy, politics and political correctness.

The heisenberg theorem, which by its own principles proves itself never to be .. provable. Entropy.. the idea that all complex systems eventually fall apart.. despite observable evidence to exactly the opposite.. all chaotic processes eventually form into ordered proceeses, and other philo-science has become so ingrained as not to be questioned.

Though there are provable thought-experiments that counter all of these 'philo-science' schools of thought it is heresy to question them. For instance, Heisenberg quite simply states that we cannot measure a process without affecting it. In effect saying it is impossible to get perfectly accurate results from any experiment. While this is a pretty accurate statement of fact as far as subatomic physics, quantum mechanics et al as practiced currently, many scientists adhere to it as an 'excuse'. IE "the results did not fit my hypothesis due to the effects of the uncertainty principle'. Heisenberg is most useful as a philosophy of the Practice of science, rather than a mathematical rule. It is an excuse rather than a useful tool The same with the entropists who in effect state that in the end the universe will be one big soupy mass (though new data is constantly contradicting that.. new discoveries via hubble show the universe just wont behave like its supposed to).

Just in case you didnt know, a 'discovery' a few years ago determined that you were pretty much predetermined to die at a certain age and there is nothing that can be done about it. This was good news and bad actually as it is a pretty huge breakthrough for cancer research. The idea is that cancer cells are the cells that dont have the good sense to switch off like they are supposed to. So they keep replicating and voila.. tumors. Thus conveniently explaining aging, appeasing the Population control people, and swooping all that geriatrics research budget up for more 'useful' studies.. like "the next prozac". The 'science pundits' immediately claimed that a: Aging is now proven to be unstoppable. B: The cure for cancer was just around the corner. C: The world is a dismal place and we're all going to die (ok ok thats more of a mood they gave off. None of which are probably true. For one thing discovering this switch dangles hopes of being able to reset it. It offers the hope of cloning organs and tissue which have had their 'clocks' reset then reintroducing them into the body and allowing them to outcompete the dying cells. It offer things the science pundits simply dont have the expertise to decipher. Just as all human discoveries do. Scientists are no less inclined to proclaim the order of the universe than are religious leaders. We humans keep making this mistake, over and over it seems.

We laugh at renaissance scientific fools who spoke determined what the universe would be and then proclaimed the matter settled. The song of the spheres was such a poetic idea. Time travel was imposible..as was FTL.. until they discovered a particle that... time travelled.. most likely by travelling faster than the speed of light. (this was a while ago the state of things could have changed). All the journals instantly proclaimed new possibilities in computing technologies, and ignored the larger implications, which flew flat in the face of conventional scientific dogma. Now we proclaim that the aged are destined to degrade and end. Men with doctorates who are regularly outdone by amateurs do mathematical calculations to nail down the number of stars in a universe that is by definition infinate. (Some people with the most impressive credentials dont seem to comprehend the concept of infinity at all). Elder statesmen scientists declare that eventually we'll all be broken down into the cosmic soup so.. whats the point. Maybe its time science learned to separate itself from philosophy and dogman and stop repeatedly committing the crimes it attacks religion for.

Now get your butt over to Futurepundit and get your info from someone who actually knows what he's talking about.

Technology is really the art of using Science to Lawyer the universe.
(wootage i got all four of those words in one sentence!).

Now get your butt over to Futurepundit and get your info from someone who actually knows what he's talking about.

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