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According to the US Legal system the Courts have No authority to enforce the constitution, US law or international treaties outside the mainland of the United States.

Thats right the US jusiciary and the Bush fascists (and technically they are fascists) have completely disregarded the constitution and hundreds of years of Law. Heil Bush.

Kevin Phillips points out that GREED is whats wrong with the Democratic party.

And in a recent speech President Clinton showed us he understands americans probably better than anyone when he said :

"When people feel uncertain, they'd rather have somebody that's strong and wrong than somebody who's weak and right," he said. He also called the democrats lack of defense of Daschle when Bush and the GOP "shameful".

Of course the fact the party is owned by the same corporations who own the GOP and spineless leaders like Gephardt, Daschle, and McAuliffe didnt help.

And in this story the corporate lawyers are calling the already watered down and almost laughably weak campaign finance reform laws "an assault on free speech". Please.. if you believe that.. dont read my blog.. or follow any of my links. Your not smart enough either to comprehend anything you'll read or vote on it.

And lastly, in the past week the IDF has shot an 8 year old .. and a 95 year old woman. Though there is a spark of hope in this story, ie the Palestinian intelligence services actually arrested seven members of the militant DFLP. A rare occurance to be sure. But the Sharone governments Nazi policies are beginning to dismay even the most ardent among those of us who support Israel. Sadly.. Sharone has taken his nation from the morally legitimate to no better than the murderers Arafat has led and sheltered all this time. It has been a sad time for Palestein, and now the darkness grows deeper as the candle of Israel's moral righteousness is snuffed out by the thug in power.

And one last thing:

1: There is NO evidence tying Al Qaeda to Iraq. There IS evidence tying Al Qaeda to the United States. Al Qaeda in fact wants to overthrow Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

2: Overthrowing Sadam will in NO way do damage to Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is neither funded by nor based in Iraq. In fact it will most likely Increase terrorist attacks on the US as Muslims and nationalists in the arab world begin to see the US as nothing but the Imperialist invaders the extremists and terrorists claims we are as a result of this invasion.

3: We are holding citizens of multiple countries in Guantanamo bay without trial, without access to their lawyers, without outside communication, with no charges, and no evidence of their guilt or involvement in anything. In fact the Bush administration says if there ever is any sort of trial and they arent found guilty it may be necessary to hold them indefinitely regardless. If a foreign nation did this to US citizens it would be considered an act of war.

4: The Bush administration claimed its desire to invade iraq was to keep it from attaining Nuclear capability in the next few months. That was a lie there was never any evidence they were anywhere near nuclear capability. They then claimed Iraq had weapons capable of reaching US soil containeng biochem weapons. This was a lie, there is absolutely no evidence to support it. Bush is now claiming the UN Resolution called for disarmament of Iraq. In fact it didnt. And the UN charter itself guarantees every sovereign nation the right to defend itself. This may sound like splitting hairs , but the UN resolution was to get rid of WOMD, Bush is spinning it now to have meant total disarmament of Iraq. Watch the news the next few weeks and see it happen.

5. With all the focus on Iraq the press isnt even bothering to report on the war in Afghanistan. Which is eerily reminiscent of Viet Nam. And there is no apparent progress of the 'war on terrorism' other than the Assassination by a cia spyplane of 6 men in a car, one an american citizen. About which we know nothing other than that the CIA claims they had some connection to some extremist group.
The Democratic Party has lost its way

According to Harold Myerson in the one state where exit polling was done, minority turnout took a landslide. If that is true across the nation the "why democrats lost" question is answered. Myerson seems to attribute this to some mystical force, never really addressing it. However, he may have hit on the most glaring symptom of the disease within the democratic party.

The democrats was once viewed as the 'working man's party', but with Lyndon Johnson that era was effectively over in th publics mind. While Johnson did actually do a lot for the average person, he will always be remembered for the Viet Nam war and in particular his micromanagement. After that the democrats had relatively few issues. Jimmy Carter brought ethics back into the presidency but history caught up with him and with his unwillingness to go to war blatantly for oil, his unwillingness to take us to war with iran, and his betrayal by Reagan's secret dealings with the Iranians, he came to be seen as .. well a very ethical wimp. After Reagan's election though the democratic party was regrouping. Its base was mobilising to force the leadership to fight. And then Reagan got shot. After the attempted assasination Reagan was given a free pass by the press. No matter the issue after the shooting Reagan was never held to the fire of public scrutiny again. A legacy we still live with today. And so the Democrats were left with very few issues our politicians would stand up for. Abortion at all costs, support for minorities so long as it didnt become costly, Union support, and gun control. None of these issues, though important and moral is really a 'working mans' issue. Hence the democrats lost their real base, the lower and middle class.

Now we have an election that shows democrats losing minority support. It appears minorities arent turning against democratic candidates, but are simply apathetic and dont believe the candidates really care about them. Consider the issues that really matter specifically to minorities. . Equal rights and affirmative action, working class issues (jobs), and a true end to racism. The democrats took a pass as the gop used propaganda techniques to redefine affirmative action and equal rights and gut them. Working class issues were sold out to the corporate donors now holding the reins on both parties. One of the most obvious and telling examples of this is Daschle lashing out at 'right wing republicans' for defeating the "bankruptcy reform act".. which was in fact a right wing gop issue and a handout to the credit corporations. The leader of the Senate democrats showed a remarkable amount of backbone and leadership when it came to an issue that affected his corporate donors. A leadership he has consistently refused to show when it came to core democratic party principles.

Why would minorities grow so apathetic? The Janet jackson song "what have you done for me lately" says it all. As the gop systematically ripped apart federal protections against racism, in effect reinstating the 'good ol boy network' the democrats quietly departed the scene. When Rodney King was beaten on national telivision the only Senator to speak up was one heading into retirement. Nothing was done. Noone dared criticise racism, the LAPD, the drug laws or in fact any of the factors that make this kind of thing happen. When an innocent black man entering his apartment in NY was shot down in cold blood by NYPD officers.. shot fortyone times, so much that they had to reload at least once, the democratic leadership was noteably absent. When statistics started coming in showing the 'drug war' was in effect turning one in four young black males into felons, not a word was said except by the Black Caucus. When Uncle Clarence Thomas was put up for the Supreme Court the Senate democrats mumbled a few platitudes, gave him their stamp of acceptance , and merrily went on to their fundraisers. When the GOP ran one of the leaders of the KKK for office the democrats didnt challenge their GOP colleagues on the floor to denounce him but rather mouthed a few words of protest and.. went to their fundraising dinners. When a court case was brought with statistical proof the death penalty was in fact blatantly racist and the Supreme Court in effect said it didnt matter, the democrats raised nary a protest. The list goes on.. and on .. and on.

It seems now the only thing the democratic leadership is interested in are extremist abortion stances and attempting to do whatever the press, which happens to be owned by corporations supporting the far right, tells it to do. The democrats we have in office now mumble platitudes about supporting the constitution yet dont support it. The same NRA people the Dem leadership attacks are a base it should have firmly in its pocket. The democratic party after all is supposed to be the 'working man's' party.. and the second amendment has always been a working class issue in this country. The dem's mouth support for freedom of religion yet it was the DOJ of a democratic president who slaughtered the people in Waco over a minor gun warrant. The dems supposedly support freedom of speach yet in Ruby Ridge the ATF went after a racist loser it entrapped into of all things sawing a shotgun barrel off, sent in agents who shot the mans dog and , when his son fired at the camo dressed officers. Killed him. The atf DOJ then brought in a fairly large army , assassinated his wife and daughter, and claimed triumph.

Yes, we have lost our way. We support racial equality only when convenient. We support the constitution.. when it is convenient. We support abortion to such extreme ends that seconds before the baby is delivered the radicals in the democratic party find it acceptable to 'abort' the baby. We want to keep guns out of the hands of all but the upper classes, as evidenced by the facts the politician most in support of gun control had a concealed carry permit herself.. and recently bought her nephew one of the 'straw purchase' rifles she is trying so hard to make illegal.

Its time to wake up and smell the coffee folks. We need a housecleaning in washington. And it has to start in our party. We need to get rid of the sellouts, the cowards, and the republicans in democratic clothing. We need men and women of courage, not the quisling fools we tell ourselves we have no choice but to support. Its time to go back to the democratic party that still lives in our hearts and dreams and get rid of the servants of the poll living in washington now.
An open plea to the media: Please give Americans the facts.

Recently i was talking to a friend of mine who happens to be republican about the gulf war. She thinks it is about time. Why, i asked. Because if we dont go after them now they will multiply and be more dangerous in the future. Who?, i asked. Well the terrorists. You see this friend of mine happens to be a very intelligent, funny, caring, good person. She's neither stupid nor an ideologue unable to accept truth. Her views are based on what she believes is the truth. And there is the problem. What she believes is the truth, what she has been told is the truth by America's 'free press', is in fact.. well.. bullshit.

Al Qaeda is NOT supported by iraq. There is no evidence it ever has been. In fact every expert on the subject you can find says quite the opposite. Al Qaeda sees the Iraqi government as an abomination and an enemy. They are in all likelyhood sitting back and watching the invasion-to-be with glee. After all how can they lose. Iraq is a secular government, not a theological one. Al Qaeda's stated goal is a united Muslim nation in the middle east (well al qaeda's version of Muslim). Iraq isnt having it. The United States is an abomination and the enemy of Al Qaeda for several reasons. One is .. we arent Muslim. In fact.. as a rule.. we could care less what religion you worship. Want to worship Jesus? Go for it. Want to worship Allah? Go for it. Want to worship a toad at midnight and sing ozzy lyrics? Go for it. Number two in its list is in reality, we are hated by a lot of third world nations. We've been using them and their people as fodder in the cold war, and taking their resources and freedom for a very long time to support US corporations. No folks thats not unpatriotic to admit. The US.. WE.. have done some very bad things. The thing to do isnt deny it. It's to stop it from happening again. Al Qaeda's idea is you kick the big guy in the shin and hopefully a few people who have Legitimate grievances support you. Voila this pampered loser living off his family's money and instigating murder and mayhem becomes a 'somebody' instead of the sociopath failure he is. And thirdly, its a convenient way to turn it into a 'holy war'. After all, the US, Britain and Isreal are on one side and.. pretty much everyone else on the planet is on the other. Instant Arab support. Well in theory anyway. Most arab leaders, like most leaders the world over, have their own personal self interest as a guiding light, not morality, ethics or ideology.

Al Qaeda, and in fact most of those groups in the mideast we currently define as 'evil' are in fact US creations. It's not secret. Its not even denied. The United States installed the Shah of Iran in power as a way to 'protect vital national interests'. In other words to feed the US oil corporations with cheap oil. Which would have been well and good if, like every other dictator we installed, he werent an evil right wing sociopath. The shah of iran proceeded to sick his secret police on the people. Thousands died, disappeared into camps, were tortured... you know the drill. It's an old pattern.. older than Sadam, older than Noriega, older than other hitleresque figures we supported in the name of 'Freedom'. Unfortunately for us, the Iranian people did exactly what we called on the Iraqi people to do. They overthrew an evil tyranical dictator. And they were pissed. So what did they do? They um.. took a handful of people hostage. Well yes they didnt kill them. Or torture them. But hey they kept Embassy staff hostage and kicked us in the... Ego. So we send our elite special forces in to take the vile kidnappers out and bring the hostages back. Except the military bungled it and some good men doing their patriotic duty died. So our solution? Reagan has secret meetings with the Evil people and um.. gives them weapons. Er.. im sure theres logic in there somewhere. but we got the hostages back. A good thing. And we had a new enemy. Iran. Led by a radical fundimentalist who's treatment of the iraqi people looks remarkably similar to.. well the Shah of iran. So in order to strike back we decided we'd send this other fella large amounts of very expensive high tech weapons and Intelligence. His name was Saddam Hussein. He liked us.. a lot.

What did we get out of this? Well the United States had client states protecting Texaco and Exxon all over the middle east. The Saudis, the Syrians (who's terrorist support after all isnt reeeally so bad now that they are happily providing us with lots and lots of oil after all)., the Iraqi's and should Iraq win.. a new client state of one of our client states. Iran. This method had been working so well for so long the US decided we'd toss a few more bones in the pot. We found Al Qaeda. We started providing them with Stinger Anti-aircraft missiles, small arms, money and various other weapons to fight the soviets. They did. Eventually the Soviets left. Though quite possibly more because they couldnt afford the war than because they were losing troops. Stalinist governments arent well known for their concern for the citizenry or soldiers. Al Qaeda's leader, a Saudi who had inherited his fortune from his father who's involvement in the war was pretty much limited to whipping out his checkbook, could now crow at how he'd slain Goliath. But there was a problem here.. as George Bush has recently been showing us.. tyrants need enemies. And Al Qaeda was fresh out. So Al Qaeda begins planning its "Muslim Super State". First to go on its hit list are .. who other than Iraq with its Secular government, Saudi Arabia with its feudalist american backed government. Voila. We have yet another US armed, US equipped, US financed force intent on.. destroying the evil United states.

Are we going to make this mistake again? Does the future hold an Iraq with yet another US installed dictatorship? We shall see. But in Bush's Orwellian "neverending war to save the peace" one has to wonder. After all, Bush is known for neither his intelligence, his ability or his ethics. And Washington politicians these days arent known for their political backbone or morality. Keep the SUV in gas, keep the cable working, keep the nation safe for walmart and pizza delivery, and Americans seem quite happy to turn a blind eye to the past.. and deaf ears to the anguished cries of the future.

Heather Wokusch highlights how the US military set as one of its goals during the gulf war to attack the civilian population by in effect attacking the water supply. Apparently the plan wasnt so much to take Sadam down as it was to spread disease among the Iraqi people we are supposedly trying to help in this Oil War?

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