Drunken Ravings
One Last Battle To Lose

Progressives, leftists, human beings .. whatever we call ourselves at the moment those of us who believe in the individual, who fight for the underdog are at a loss. The Democratic party, the party we have been taught from birth is the party of the underdog, has abandoned us. We look to Washington, hoping to find our Knight. Our JFK. Our FDR. We look hopefully, but with fading hope for that politician in the capitol who stands behind his words. Who will pull us together in a new war against what reveal themselves to be the forces of darkness more each day. We place our hopes in Al Gore. We put our trust in Bill Clinton. We rally behind Daschle. And again and again we are spurned. We accept republicans into our party in hopes that somehow this will give us more power to do what is right, only to see that power used to aid the very masters those on the right serve. We hesitantly raise our voices to face the maelstrom of criticism the right wing elite has trained its servants to hurl. And again and again we are forced to walk away.. dejection in our step.. lost hope in our breath.. visions of what the world could be fading to embers in our hearts. Why must it be so?

Robert Reich, possibly the most intelligent caring voice on the left pointed out our true flaw. There is no democratic party in america. The republicans, financed by a few very wealthy far right families, girded themselves for war in the eighties. They selected leaders withoout consideration for what those of us who opposed them thought. They vetted them on their willingness to state their positions and then stand behind them when the fire burned hot. And with the help of a little corruption, a stifled rage at the seeming weakness of Jimmy carter, they took power. We were shocked. We were angry. We didnt see how the american people could be so foolish. We dug out their scandals. Poindexters lies. North's blatant disregard for the constitution. Reagan's backroom dealings with iran to ensure his presidency. The CIA's involvement in everything from drug dealing to mass murder.. and yet the conservatives stuck with their party. And we didnt understand why. We have floundered for over twenty years with who we are. And now .. we are finding the soul we lost with the deaths of JFK, RFK and MLK. We are remembering we are the party of the little guy. The party of morality, not the morality defined by false prophets on the right. But the basic morality that tells every human being right from wrong.

We have one last battle to lose. Over the past thirty years we have encumbered ourselves with a lot of baggage. Parasites, Fakirs, and opportunists. Republicans who claim to be democrats to gain election. Spineless corporatist politicians who claim willingness to fight for the underdog only to sell him out behind closed doors. Extremist racists who claim a terrorist is not a terrorist if he supports the rights of the beleaguered palestinian people. Abortion fanatics who claim no differnece between a cluster of four cells.. and a baby emerging from its mother. Antigun soccermoms who we have taught to blame the tool used to commit crime rather than the lack of morality of the person committing it.

We have one last battle to lose. In the year 2004 there will be an election. The US will be in the midst of a crisis. A war about to be fought, or being fought. Terrorists real or imagined. Or any of the other scenarios the republicans have prepared. You see.. its one of the differences between them and us. They believe a coup is ok so long as the man it installs is the correct one. They believe its ok to make deals with people holding americans hostage in order to make a sitting president they dont like lose an election. They believe it is acceptable to shred the constitution in public view so long as their agenda is furthered and their man installed in office.

We have one last battle to lose as we awaken to the fact there is no national democratic party. Merely a collection of sometimes conflicting interests with no true commonly held moral core in washington. We have no leader who will stand nobly before us and voice our dreams, our hopes, because those in washington know that when the time comes to fight.. his troops will be remarkably absent. We have no core principles to draw us together because we let our fringe take us over. We allowed abortion radicals to define us as right to choose at all cost. We let antigun nuts redefine the constitution to overthrow an amendment they knew the american people would never stand for changing. We let so many people define who we are that we forgot ourselves. We forgot we are the party of the underdog. We are the party who abhors sacrificing the innocent in a racist drug war. We are the people who believe it is the right of people to make a decent wage, not the right of a corporation to use those people as an asset. We are the party who believes every man woman and child on earth deserves freedom, democracy, and freedom from hunger, pain and servitude

We have one last battle to lose because that battle is the one that will weed out the fakirs, the politicians, the opportunists. We have one last battle to lose because we have to become who we are again. We have one last battle to lose to remind us why we became democrats. Why we endured decades of being called evil liberals, bleeding hearts, communist sympathisers,. Decades of being called immoral godless people. We have one last battle to lose because until we lose that battle, we will not awaken to the fact that we have forgotten who we are. That we are the party that believes in the principles people like Christ, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Abraham and all the other great moral leaders of every faith and philosophy in the world taught. The philosophies the right mouths but can never understand. We have one last battle to lose because until we lose that battle we cant understand that its not the american people who abandoned the democratic party, its the extremist , corporatist democratic party that abandoned us.. and the american people.

Thom Hartman in Common Dreams states far more capably than i the farce our democracy has become since the redefinition of corporations by the supreme court as 'persons' with rights. At the heart of the causes of modern political corruption and failure is this one concept. If you believe in democracy and not the fascist state america has become, please heed his words.
Im baaack.. after a week of enduring a very bad Abcessed tooth. Then again that pain was really nothing compared to watching washington kowtow to busy, The repugs once again show their true racist foundation, the demopublicans suckle at the bush teet, and the psycho in charge threaten any nation that gets in his way with nuclear weapons. Whee.

Norm Soloman has, as usual, the best take on the media's view of this insanity. I find it funny by the way that 'the left' regularly pretends to disavow him. The most intelligent anti-establishment, bullshit free , outspoken voice on the left. But then the corporations hate him.. and we all know that deep below most lefty hearts are a desire for 'good american capitolism' to rampage free dont we.

Arianna is on a crusade against the apostrophe, but she's funny anyway.

Body and Soul hit the media spin of Lott's racism right on the head. They dont seem to want to hear the voice of the left even when their pets (lott, Barr, the whole neonazi GOP crew) accidentally expose their racism in public. Its not that anyone is shocked Lott is a racist, it's that they're terrified people will actually, god forbid, notice the Republican Party is and has been for a century the party of Racism in America. Please read her blog, she nails it cold.
Hey after all you couldnt call a media that spun NYC cops shooting an unarmed black man entering his apartment 41 times as justified racist could you?

By the way.... Iraq STILL has no ties to terrorism whatsoever as far as we know. But hey silly facts never stopped us from having a fun little war and killing a few hundred thousand civilians did it. Heil Bush.

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