Drunken Ravings
George Bush and the pentagon are openly, publicly considering the use of Nuclear Weapons (aka WMD) in Iraq. Not only is it mind boggling that any serious military or political planner would consider this, but is even more astounding that it would be made public. Quite simply the use of nuclear weapons by the United States or any other nation anywhere in the world would be a catastrophe of epic proportions. And it sounds as if they arent considering the possible use of one nuclear weapon, but of many.

Let's consider the worst possible case scenario. A battalion of US troops are struck by artillery or missileborne biochemical weapons. A few thousand die (though in fact its
very unlikely that even an incredibly successful attack would produce that many casualties, much less that many deaths). The commander orders all troops into NBC (protective) gear and consults with washington and the pentagon for an acceptable response. Bush then orders the release of 'tactical' nuclear weapons to destroy the launching and storage facilities. (Which.. if we know about.. wouldnt it be a good idea to tell the inspectors now so we can get rid of them?). The term tactical usually implies locally ranged and powered weapons rather than the megaton icbm weapons most envision when they think nuke. Most likely weapons smaller than hiroshima. Which to the paperpushing clerk/politician/generals in the pentagon is hardly a nuke at all. The weapons would be ground burst or subterranean burst rather than airburst. Which means a smaller mushroom cloud, a lot more fallout, and a much longer span of time before the ground becomes safe to live on again.

I think its reasonable to expect that the arab world as well as muslims across the globe would have an immediate and visceral reaction. Those Arab nations we consider neutral now would overnight become enemies. Those on our friends list would quickly defect to the enemy camp. The Arab world has one tool to use against us and one only. That tool is Oil. It is the one thing more than any other that brought down Jimmy Carter. With a mideast-wide embargo the US economy would at the least immediately sink farther. Possibly into depression.

You can expect resolutions to be introduced in the UN (and killed by the US) condemning the bombings. I dont think its unlikely there would be calls for the president to be tried as a war criminal. France, Russia, China, The EU in general would quickly condemn the acts and i think you would see the end of military and governmental cooperation to end instantly. It is fairly likely that even our close allies would begin war planning for 'just in case' scenarios of war with the US. This alone was unthinkable before the Coup that put Bush in office. (If you dont like to hear it being called a coup.. ask an honest lawyer to explain the SC case). It is even possible the US would face sanctions from all but our closest allies. Even Britain would be forced to back away from us. We have already turned one of our closest cold war allies, Germany, into an antagonist. The use of nuclear weapons, Any use of nuclear weapons would probably have the same effect on Britain. It is likely the Arab nations would begin arming themselves urgently. You can expect China, North Korea, Libya, and possibly other nations in the far east to willingly and cheaply fulfill this need.

At home expect to see antiwar and anti Bush demonstrations not in the hundreds of thousands as now, but in the millions. The media has been forced to finally report the antiwar demonstrations that have been going on in the US, even the most corrupt media organisations cant hide events that involve percentages of the adult population. Expect the right to react as it did in the sixties. And we have the worst parts of the sixties all over again. A nation ripping itself apart.

If all this sounds fantastic, unbelievable. Consider that twenty years ago noone would have believed that an unelected president could be placed in office. Consider all that has happened since. How the world has been changed. Consider how much worse this madman can make it.

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