Drunken Ravings
A note to that grumpy moron who plays 'cheerleader turned 'journalist' Paula Zahn's sidekick. While your attacking france you might also go read a history book. While you yell at france for daring to criticise the US after we liberated them in world war two.. you might just want to go read a history book and look up this thing called "The American Revolution" and the part France played in it.
Just a note:
GWB is a flat out Liar.

1. "Iraq will have Nuclear Weapons within six months.. possibly within thirty days" (stated when it started looking like his war wasnt playing)
2. "Al Qaeda has ties to Iraq" - Flat out rejected by the CIA and every expert on iraq i've ever seen.
3. "Iraq may have unguided missiles in the form of planes loaded with explosives or wmd and remotely piloted to this country". um sure... fill a 747 w explosives and get an RC airplane remote to it? *cough*
4. "We must invade iraq in order to free the Iraqi people from Sadam's evil yoke".. actually Bush's lunacy has increased Iraqi patriotism. In fact most muslims now seem to see this as a blatant ploy by the us to install a US controlled right wing dictatorship in Iraq for the benefit of US oil companies
5. "We must do this because its the right thing to do". Well actually it probably has more to do with the US and Britain competing with France and Russia for Iraqi oil. They want to buy it... we want to take it...
Thirty Billion Dollars. Thats the price to use Turkey as a staging point to massacre Iraqi civilians now. Say it with me .. thirty BILLION dollars. That's sixty percent of what the US funded social programs at their peak. You know.. afdc.. feeding children. Thirty billion will also buy around six Nimitz class aircraft carriers. Or .. it would pay off 3% of the one trillion dollar debt bush's new budget is going to saddle us with. (Does anyone notice an amazing lack of protest about this guy breaking the budget?). It could pay off the budget deficits of every state in the united states. Thirty billion could end every famine on earth (but then again.. starving children are neither a big washingon.. nor a big republican concern). Thirty Billion could rebuild the world trade center several times over plus give aid to the victims families. Thirty billion could buy an HK Mp5 for every airline pilot on the planet (note to antigun freaks... an MP5 is a silenced machine gun ie Automatic rifle (not semi). Or.. thirty billion could just .. not be borrowed and our citizens not have to pay it back..

Or.. just a thought.. lets offer Sadam a billion to quietly wave goodbye and settle in some nice right wing south american country where we send all our other ex-puppets. Yes i know a billion isnt worth what it used to be but heck its still a passable piece of change even by washington standards. Of course right wingers wouldnt be able to cup their cajones and crow at how tough we are aftero bomb a third world nation back into the stoneage. And where else are all those officebound officers in the military going to get their combat badges if we dont have a neat tidy little war. But its worth a shot isnt it? Heck.. you could buy half of Beverly Hills for a billion. You could buy all three branches of government for a tenth of that... maybe even throw in a majority of a 'media' outlet or two...

Why are we even considering this? After all we are a 'superpower' and our military trounced the Iraqis once didnt they. Heck.. we control half of iraq right this second. We even attacked and took over at least one of their airforce bases a few months ago (oh.. you thought the war hadnt started?). Well.. as far as i can see, Bush really does believe in what he's doing. Heck he burned all his personal and political credibility to get this done. Even pressured Colin Powell to state an obvious flat out lie before the UN. (It seems he missed CIA, NSA, DOD memo's stating that iraq's ties to al qaeda consist of one or two of them sneaking into iraq, whereas ours are long and deep).
It can only be one of three things. That dubya really is too stupid to realise Iraq is no threat to the US. That Dubya's oil buddies want a nice pet client state to run as an oil fiefdom, or that he really believes it and is just so incompetant that he's turned us all against the war with his lies. Who knows for sure. I honestly used to think bush was just an evil moron handed the presidency by his father and a corrupt supreme court and intent on acting like a teenager. Now im starting to think that he truely believes we need to do this... but he's so used to lying and bullying to get his way he doesnt realise that, while we put up with it from politicians, we know a corrupt soul pushing corrupt use of power when we see it.

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