Drunken Ravings
If you are pro death-penalty and have a Conscience please visit The Innocence Project. The problem with the death penalty (and our justice system) isnt that it kills murdereres.. it is that we are imprisoning and executing INNOCENT people on a regular basis. Daddy Bush should be proud.. his sons waded knee deep in blood to get where they are.

The REAL war on terror is blazing in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Though you wouldnt know it from the steady clamor in most of the media attempting to justify war with Iraq.

Dick Gephardt is trying to make us all forget his years of failure in congress and his blatant televised backstabbing of the Democratic party in his little politically motivated deal with Bush.

Yet more Ethical problems for a congressman. This time another republican. Michael G. Oxley apparently let the mutual fund industry know if they were to hire a certain lobbyist probes of the industry might 'ease off'. Is anybody shocked by this?

The Wasthington Post has an Excellent article on the current state of the shuttle disaster investigation.

There is a Downside to massively outspending the combined nations of the world on military forces according to Vice Adm. Lowell E. Jacoby, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. (FYI the DIA is the intelligence agency the military founded because it never has trusted the CIA).

Blatant Police Racism isnt just a US disease. The Brits apparently enjoy profiling minorities daring to drive nice cars too. What is sad is that good men who Arent racist who wear their badges with pride and truely are heroes are branded by racist scum and criminals allowed to wear those same uniforms.

And just to piss off the Anti-gun whackos.. im a member of The FAL Files. Its a group of people who collect and shoot the Fabrique Nationale FAL battle rifle (You know.. one of those evil black guns). Whats refreshing is the forums are no more infested with right wing idiots than i imagine antigun boards are infested with extreme leftist whackos.. then again thats not saying much. Go look.. you might be suprised to find people who believe in the Entire Bill of Rights arent all psycho survivalists out to commit mass murder.

And I was iffy on whether the professor accused of being the head of a terrorist network in the US was guilty or a scapegoat til i found out he was a big fan of Counterpunch. What is truely sad about this 'magazine' is its editors are very intelligent well thought people who cover things the mainstream media (even punditry) wouldnt touch with a ten foot pole, yet print some pretty blatantly racist anti-semitic trash regularly. I've corresponded with some of their writers.. and when this white southern boy is called a "new york jew" among other things.. well i was raised in the south.. i know racism when i see it.

A government that hates democracy fighting for democracy?

The Homeland Security and Justice departments are beginning to make their "security plans' clear.

On part of the DOJ the plan is clearly to eradicate the bill of rights. With the court rulings that domestic law enforcement can use information gathered buy intelligence agencies they only need to request a favor from the cia,nsa, or one of the myriad of right wing intelligence agencies and they can ignore the constitution completely. And should they not be able to find even any basis to charge a citizen they can simply label him an 'enemy combatant' and lock him up without trial, without counsel and without oversite.. indefinitely. That means the US Government can now do what we've seen it support all over the world. Imprison people for life without benefit of trial. We Are a police state folks.

On part of the Homeland Security department the plan so far is... an ad campaign. New York, LA, all the other cities likely to become targets of terrorist psychopaths have heard a lot of talk from washington, but theres one thing they havent seen: Money. According to Altercation (link at left) NYC doesnt even have enough hazmat suits for its firefighters.. and this is nearly two years after 9/11. But in washington we have a huge new beauracracy in place with unprecedented power and access to funds, controlled by an incompetant right wing appointee who's goals seem to be to get himself and his agency lots of publicity.

But what is our alternative? The alternative of the True left (and true conservatives)? We hear those in power snort and claim we have no solution , only criticism. But we do. We always have had a solution , but its never heard because the words of middle-right democratic politicians are put in our mouths. Our solution is simple. Cease doing Evil around the world. If we're a 'christian nation' like these buffoons claim.. why is it we consistantly do the work of satan around the world. Why is it when we support death squads in south america, the very definition of Evil, the right, the media , and washington writes it off as 'an acceptable price to insure our standard of living', while when bill clinton attempts to stop Genocide around the world its decried as 'not our problem'. Cokie Roberts, personal chattal of any corporation or right wing group that is willing to pay, whined that people should leave poor Pol Pot alone and let him die in peace. Those who saw "the killing fields" or know anything of this animals reign would be hardpressed to understand how he wasnt an Evil in the rank of Hitler and Stalin. And that is what we have to stop to provide true "homeland security" It's old, its simple, and its the foundation of most of the major religions of the world... do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The United States should NEVER support evil.. period. Regardless of what it 'gets us'. We need to tell our politicians NO when they want to hold a war for oil (iraq)

The United States has created most of our own problems. In cuba we invaded to protect US profits, we sponsored the tyrant Batista who ruled cuba until another man we sponsored, Castro, overthrew him. In south america we funded death squads and all shapes of tyranny. As we speak the US funds Terrorists in Columbia. We have strong ties with Syria, despite Bush's newly discovered distaste for them. China is the largest communist nation on earth, with one of the most tyrannical governments, yet we give them MFN. We funded South Africa's Botha before the american people found out what was going on and finally forced the politicians to switch sides. We put the Shah of Iran in power and supported the murder and torture his secret police inflicted on the Iranian people until they overthrew him. Even then we gave him Asylum. We backed 'Baby Doc' Duvalier in one of the most barbaric regimes in history. And there are more.

Americans view ourselves as 'the good guys'. And for a brief shining moment in world war II we were.. for the most part. But somewhere along the way we forgot the 'christian values' this nation claims to live by. Its time we became a force for good in the world. Rather than the evil we have spread across the earth for the last century. And once we do become a force of light... perhaps we will have the security washington claims to desire.

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