Drunken Ravings
Newsweek reports an Iraqi defector, one of Sadam's inner circle told the Bush administration in 1995 that Sadam had destroyed all of his WMD

the article is here

More Documentation here

Text of the Transcript here

Newsweek tried to bury the story under misleading headlines. It has changed them three times so far.

First headline :“Before his death, a high-ranking defector said Iraq had not abandoned its WMD ambitions”

Second Headline: “Before his death, a key defector said Iraq had destroyed all its chemical and biological weapons but had retained the design and engineering details of its WMD

Current Headline: Exclusive: The Defector’s Secrets

Liberal Media? ya right. Read the story and the trancscript and judge for yourself whether the Bush administration has been flat out lying to hold this war. It appears the intelligence Bush recieved was that there were no wmd left. But that he stated just the opposite.

In other news: Still no reports of a firearm deciding it wanted to kill someone, loading and cocking itself chasing them down and killing them but ill keep ya informed.

Oh ya.. and did ya know bush has a "secret plan" to bring peace to the middle east... anyone getting Deja Vu?

My eyes must decieve me. But our payout to Pakistan for 'allowing bush to eliminate iraqi WMD's' is... to turn a blind eye to Pakistans development of um.. WMD's? Specifically nuclear weapons? Do these politicians NEVER LEARN? Perhaps the Bush doesnt connect the dots or has selective memory but wasnt it the United States who supplied Sadam with Chemical and biological weapons and "turned a blind eye" a while back? Deja vu all over again

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