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Dictatorship 101

Woody Harrelson is an American tired of American Lies. So am i woody.. so am i..

If you've ever wondered what alternatives there were to the Repugnicrat party Check this out for everything from
The Alaskan Independance party to the California Seccessionist Party. Hmm.. like anyone would object to nutty californians seceding..

South Korea is demanding North Koreaend the NK Nuclear Program. While they are at it they should probably ask the Us Government to stop building Nuclear Reactors for the North Korean government.

Level Gaze is trying to teach the 'Arafat is a martyr' brigade on the left that claiming any jewish person who supports the bushy oil war is doing it because they are a jew is antisemitic. You'd think theyd know this already but , as the left has been fighting racism for a while its politically incorrect to notice that Yes virginia, being a liberal doesnt mean your not a racist.

Bush is also apparently trying to derail a global tobacco treaty at the request of tobacco lobbyists. I dont personally care, except that i smoke and you cigarette hating whackos make me pay for your idiocies with a huge tax. And the fact that it always boggles my mind that we're about to invade a third world country and kill thousands of them for oil. We're ignoring North Korea.. a REAL nuclear threat, people are starving all over the world and American democracy was thrown into the gutter in the last presidential election (and the war geared up to get votes for republicans) but all lefties and democrats can think about is keeping joe schmuck from owning a rifle with a pistol grip, smoking, and avoiding at ALL COSTS not sounding exactly like a republican.

Bush is still holding his Pet bad guy, an american citizen without trial, legal counsel, and incommunicado. The person theyre holding happens to be.. well... scum. And this corrupt supreme court doesnt apparently believe the constitution applies to him because um.. well.. i have no idea.. i doubt they do either other than they havent apparently red the thing. While locking scumbags up and throwing away the key seems a good idea.. we have this principle in america of innocent until proven guilty. And its becoming more and more apparent the reasons this guy was locked up are.. .well politics. It seems he's locked up not because he was part of a terrorist plot to denonate a nuke in the us... but more because.. um.. well.. a plot Could have eventually developed. Of course it helps a lot that he's a: nonwhite and b: has a muslim sounding name. Im sure the fact he's a nonwhite muslim has nothing to do with it.. after all the republicans and far right are famous for not being racist.

FuturePundit while a smart guy/girl is apparently postulating that despite declining birth rates the population will continue to explode because of um... widespread use of artificial wombs. I can just see some woman in a dominican village cutting sugar cane trying to feed her kids... oh and occasionally checking on the artificial womb..He is apparently also a big devotee of psychopharmacology.. specifically feeding children ritalin. It seems someone wrote a paper claiming children on ritalin have a smaller chance of alchoholism. And he's very excited about the development of a science to chemically control the mental and physical development of human beings. Someone needs to tell him this whole thing has been tried over and over. Some called it Eugenics. Adolf Hitler had his own version. The incompetant american medical industry did things like castrating the mentally ill. The SuperRace exists sir. Its called Homo Sapiens and weve been doing very well for about a thousand millenia without the help of trust fund kiddies sent to medical schools 'benevolently guiding' our psychological, genetic and physical development thanks.

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