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Watching the Rats board the ship..

The democrat 'leadership', not happy with the speed they managed in jumping onto the Bush oil-war machine have executed their first Pre-emptive strikes.
Rather than foolishly wait for Bush's official declaration that the war is on weasels like Levin et al are shouting the the praises of Bush and company.
While its been obvious to many of us to a while that our current crop of spinless weasels believe the democratic party's philosophical basis is getting legal weapons out of the hands of honest law abiding citizens and only in the hands of criminals and the government, with a little rabid extremist pro abortion mouthing thrown in, to watch them in action is still a bit disconcerting. There are of course easy methods of regaining the loyalty of our parties leadership but unfortunately coming up with a few hundred million to pay lobbyists to buy our politicians back is more in the realm of possibility for the far right.

And just in case you didnt think the constitution was ripped up and thrown away.. Circuit Judge Julian Bush sent Michael Cook to prison without the silly formality of a trial.

PS anyone remember that guy Osama? And those Al Qaeda folk? whatever happened to them? And that war on terrorism thing.. when we gonna start that. We all know iraqi oil is more important, i mean the media tells us so hourly but maybe an update once in a while?
In an address minutes ago Colin Powell in effect said that since they know they cant get a resolution approving war through the security councel Bush is going on television tonight to give Sadam a deadline. When asked if there is anything Sadam can do to avoid war Powell said no. So apparently the 'deadline' isnt a deadline but rather an 'invasion date'. Once again Bush and company arent even capable of pretending their policies arent a sham.

Bush's family would like to thank you all for the money that will flood into their bank accounts and while they feel a little bad over the blood it cost.. well there wont be any Bush blood spilled.

Lets pray North Korea doesnt realise the opportunity it has. With most of our fighting force engaged in Iraq should North Korea decide to overrun our troops in South Korea and take over the democracy to its south its doubtful theres much we can do about it. other than mourn the brave US military men and women manning that thin line.

Whether your for or against the war i hope everyone here prays for as few American, British and Iraqi deaths as possible. I pray its so bloodless, so successful, and such a wise decision that its embarassing to have been agaisnt it.

Bush is a flaming Moron.. North Korea isnt some third world country with a pipsqueak army. We damn near lost to them the last time and therye a lot more powerful now.

They are most likely a nuclear power, you can bet they have Chemical and Biological weapons. They do or soon will have missiles capable of reaching the United States. And they have troops massed on the SK border with american soldiers looking them in the eye. If they decide to go.. our plan is that our troops fight to the death holding them til we send reinforcements. Well guess what... with Bush's idiocy we dont have reserves capable of that. We'd have to pull everything we have in the US and all or most of what we have in Iraq just to try to hold them.

The first nation to use nuclear weapons is going to instantly become an international pariah. You want to see the economy bad? Think what happens if we launch a preemptive nuclear strike on NK. We will be boycotted by every nation in the world. The depression will look like heaven. And if part of any NK nuclear/biological or chemical weapons survive? You thought 9/11 was bad imagine NY City as a glass plain... a large percentage of our economic engine permanengly gone and a signifigant percentage of the US population no longer in existance. Think US troops lying in frozen korean fields jerking spasmically as the nerve gas takes their lives. This isnt something to even play with and Bush is still watching cowboy movies for foreign policy inspiration.

Clintons fault? Well yes.. and the fault of Reagan, Bush and our congress. WE GAVE THEM two nucelar reactors. Anyone see a pattern here?

I think we need this idiot out of office and someone with brains from either party in there. . We need to grind them to dirt financially while offering big financial incentives to get rid of their entire nuclear program including the reactors. We need to eliminate the incompetant idiots in the CIA and NSA and build a new intelligence agency based on their WW2 beginnings and infiltrate NK HARD. And put extraordinary effort into killing Kim il Sung and manipulating someone else into power there. He is a raving lunatic as any of you who've watched him over the years know. He is the equivalent of a Stalin. The greatest threat to the United States since Kruschev is sitting over there goading us.. and he's not one to talk the talk and not walk the walk, and we're obsessed with this third world wannabe because Bush wants his oil and he picked on Bush's daddy *roll*

Id ask anyone who doesnt think NK is our biggest threat to study him just a bit. It will send chills down your spine.

"Against stupidity.. the gods themselves.. contend in vain" Isaac Asimov

Well it appears we're going to hold the lunatic in charges oil war. According to Colin Powell because we cant get UN Sanction that makes the UN BAD so...
he's informing the world that we are going to give Saddam Hussein a Deadline and then we attack. When asked if theres anything Sadam could do to avoid the war now he flat out said no. So i guess the deadline isnt really a deadline.. more like a "we're invading on this date". This corrupt, incompetant, unelected administration spouts more lies and makes more bad decisions than any administration in history.

CNN in its everpresent need to find Someone.. Anyone.. from a nonpuppet nation who will support bush put Ramos-Horta , apparently the leader of East Timor (you know that little DOT down there near australia) on the air to proclaim how american war protesters are fools and killing Iraqi's is always a good thing. You may have heard of East Timor .. another one of our brilliant foreign policy disasters but thats another subject. Apparently the Bush administration is so hard up for credibility it must go not to third world nations but to 4th world nations now...

I laughed.. i cried.... i felt anger , fear and disgust... no im not talking about a movie im talking about This. Did ya know 10% of the charges our beauracrats run up for things like ...unauthorised charges for pay per view porn and room service they refuse to pay back? Anyway, its an honest review of the Bush 2004 budget and it will make you feel all of that. I suddenly have a deep desire to see our government cut 50% across the board. And yes that definitely includes the military.

In case noone has noticed the "Big Media (tm)" has no lack of right wing retired military on the air cheering the war.. but i have yet to see a single person against the war on the air. If you think our major media is free your are quite simply a fool.

On a side note. Whether your for or against this war, or dont think you really have any say in it (which is actually probably closer to the truth) i hope everyone out there prays for our soldiers and iraqi civilians. The thought of the people who are going to die to get republicans elected and fill the bush gangs personal bank accounts is disgusting. Lets hope at least its quick and a lot fewer people die than last time.. though i believe we're going to see just the opposite

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