Drunken Ravings
I am really really Really sick of republicans.

Let us consider their true face shall we?

The republicans claim to hate communism on the basis that it is corrupt and takes from those who create and build to give to the lazy and corrupt. Yet they pass out checks on the floor of the house of representatives from the Chinese government as payment for giving the Communist Chinese mfn.

They claim to hate the use of the government to redistribute wealth. Yet their primary focus is exactly that. They have no issue with raising taxes on the lower classes.. yet wish to eliminate the capitol gains tax... the one tax the wealthy pay. They hand corporations like Boeing, the Airlines et billions every year because those corporations pay off politicians like Gingrich, Bush, Reagan, et al.. while begrudging every nickel we spend to help.. god forbid.. keep children and the elderly from starving. Despite the fact that every dime of welfare ever paid out wouldnt equal two years of the defense budget. Its obvious to those of us on the outside how corrupt, hipocritical and morally bankrupt they are.. how can it not be to them?

They whine and cry at the use of the US military to stop genocide in Yugoslavia, to stop massacre and starvation of the poor in somalia.. yet they scream for blood in Iraq.. a war designed solely to get republicans elected and push money into the hands of Bush, Cheney and their allies. Our president is unelected, a liar, a coward, and a failure. Study his history. Yet he begrudges money to feed children. You can dress that up as you like.. but its immoral. And you republicans in your heart know its immoral. You just dont care.

Republicans scream bloody murder that clinton lied about sex. Bush however lies to us daily about a war that s going to cost american Blood. But thats ok. A little hipocracy here? Perhaps when republicans cry about family values they should first attempt to comprehend basic morality themselves. Its much easier for these morally bankrupt people to scream words of hate and blame than realise they themselves are the very anathema they decry the most.

Our economy is trashed. Through 8 years of the Clinton administration it was blazing.. yet bush gets in with his voodoo economics, immediately starts saying the economy is going to tank.. thereby tanking it.. and somehow its Clintos fault. Do these people even hear themselves? Are they so totally bereft of logic and morality they cant see what pathetic hipocritical liars they are?

I for one will never in my life vote for this mass of putrid immorality we call the republican party. And i think soon a lot of those fools conned into voting for them are going to wake up to an embarassment at who they put in power.

Go vote your conscience folks... and reap what you sew

These are the Real costs of war You wont see these pictures on the big media. Its not in the interests of GE, Exxon et al, owners of that same media, to show what war really means to the public. Is everyone feeling patriotic now? Powerful? Manly? Ah the blessings of Bush's "perpetual war to insure peace"...

On a special note to Eric Alterman.

Your one of the smartest people and the most competant writers i know of. However despite your rationalisations.. you can indeed be AntiSemitic and be a jew. When you defend terrorists and cheer the deaths of jews.. and feel compassion for the "beleaguered" Arafat and the hapless HAMAS.. you make yourself known to have the same affliction that affected Klansmen as well as Stalinists... antisemitism.. racism.

*wonders if i have gored our golden calf*
Robert Byrd in this speach voices the alarm many americans feel at Bush's cowboy leap to war and attacks on our oldest allies.

There is no evidence of ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda, Iraq does not have the capability to strike the US, We provided him his WMd, and North Korea is just one of a long list of threats to the US we are ignoring while pursuing this oil war. In fact on the list of dangerous madmen the US has handed the reigns of a dictatorship to he probably isnt even in the top ten. But all that said.. the claims of some that this war is an act of terrorism or worse border on the idiotic.

Bush, in his desire to get republicans elected, secure Iraqi oil for the US, and draw attention from Haliburton, Enron and the other corporate scandals that infest his administration has pushed hard for this war. And theirein lies the problem. The first victim of this drive was the truth. We've all heard the Bush administration flat out lie repeatedly, to the point that even the right wing press dont take him seriously. The second was the constitution. With the patriot act, "enemy combatant status" et al along with the Supreme courts decision to pretty much ignore states rights, the constitution, and the voters of florida and the nation the far right powers that be have pretty much eliminated the constitution from government. The third victim was American prestige and respectability the world over. We've attacked france , germany, and russia viciously verbally. We've lied so much even our closest allies dont trust us. And a large portion of the world is beginning to side with a brutal third world tyrant and liar over the US. That alone should make us wake up and smell the coffee. That people would claim that Iraq is the victim should awaken americans to the fact that the world in general snickers at our promises to install a lawful democracy in Iraq. That Russia recently protested that american oil companies with ties to the white house were attempting to have Iraqi-Russian oil contracts nullified only puts the nail in the coffin of our trustworthyness. Something is going on here. Something more deeply sad and disturbing than any meer political scandal or disagreement. America has lost respectability around the world. We are seen as liars and brutes.. and are acting the part. And thats not the America i grew up in. Thats not the nation i was taught we Wanted to be.

Paula Zahn, usually known for her blind obedience to those in power.. particularly republicans.. actually called one of her reporters on a pretty blatantly biased statement htis morning. When asked how many people attended a rally the reporter responded the number was in thousands.. then proceeded to interview an antiwar protestor.. asking among other things how they felt to be viewed by most americans as a traitor. Of course the prowar demonstrator recieved a much kinder conversation on air. However she was slightly embarassed when Zahn asked her how many antiwar protestors were there.. to which she responded a number in the thousands.. and then how many prowar demonstraters were there... to which she replied... Ten.. and then began to explain that the prowar demonstrators had all agreed to attend another rally.. which of course CNN wasnt covering. The level of reporting at CNN sinks lower daily. The big medias (including CNN) pretense that large antiwar protests didnt exist until recently is just another sign. Perhaps someday soon a war itself will not be worth reporting to the American public. And they wonder why we consume so much foreign and alternate media in an attempt to find the truth.

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