Drunken Ravings
Why are americans turning against the Bush Corruption machine? This is the single best article ive seen on the subject.

Bush and company not only dont find North Koreas hints and veiled threats of the use of Nuclear Weapons against US forces cause for concern, theyre considering giving the communist dictatorship some economic aid.. in hopes they'll be nice and talk about not using nuclear weapons on us.

The Dem politicians have apparently discovered they arent really republicans. Well at least for this election. It seems theyve
suddenly discovered backbones.. well up to a point.. and were against the Bush Reich after all.
Funny they didnt discover this back when it would have counted. Say.. during the Coup.. or before this oil war.. or while the major media was happily ignoring widespread and large protests across the nation. A politician is a politician..

You wont see this in the amerian republopress.... The GI's are grumbling as always.. the nerve. Having to go out and face death daily, living in awful conditions a long time past when the GOPocracy promised you could go home.. while your officers of course dine in air conditioned minipalaces. Hmm where did i hear this before... oh ya... viet nam?

Its so hard.. keeping the fear alive. Apparently the government still doesnt realise theyre a laughing stock. Apparently they had to use the national press to stoke up the fear of the twelve people who still believe anything coming out of the bush administratiosn mouth.

If you want to know what its really like for Soldiers in Iraq go here. Yet another perspective you wont hear from the bush propaganda machine (aka the american media)

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