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Whiskey Bar: Bug Juice
A very thoughtful analysis of David Kay's report

Basically he says he found nothing, but that if he's given another $600 million he'll look harder.
Whiskey Bar: Bug Juice
"RR, a PhD candidate in pathology and laboratory medicine, wrote in to explain...
Clostridium botulinum, the bacteria which produces botulinum toxin, is a normal soil bacterium. You've probably ingested large quantities of it yourself, if you've ever eaten vegetables straight out of a garden without washing them thoroughly, or if you've ever eaten unfiltered honey. Live C. botulinum is used in undergraduate microbiology labs as a teaching tool...the live bacteria are not dangerous, are ubiquitous in nature, and are ubiquitous in microbiology labs around the globe--even those not hell-bent on the destruction of American liberty & whatnot.
If Kay said that large quantities of purified botulinum toxin had been found, that would be significant. It's difficult to purify the toxin from the bacteria (which produce the toxin in exceedinly small amounts), and there's no good reason to have lots of it. (Although it would not mean much if only small amounts of purified botulinum toxin were found anywhere--small amounts of the toxin are injected by doctors into patients for the treatment of chronic pain and wrinkles--that's what BoTox is.)"
Whiskey Bar: Bug Juice
Whiskey Bar: Bug Juice: "David Kay, the head of the U.S. team searching for banned weapons in Iraq, said Sunday that his inspectors had found a vial of botulinum toxin...
The only problem is, that's not what the ISG found. What they found was this:
One noteworthy example is a collection of reference strains that ought to have been declared to the UN. Among them was a vial of live C. botulinum Okra B. from which a biological agent can be produced."
Daily Kos: Political analysis and other daily rants on the state of the nation
From The Daily Kos: "Rice: Iraq never disarmed
Apparently, the administration's new 'defend the war' strategy is employing the administration's favorite tactic. The lie.

Condoleezza Rice told a foreign policy forum in Chicago that the team led by chief U.S. weapons hunter David Kay 'is finding proof that Iraq never disarmed and never complied with U.N. inspectors.'
In fact, she suggested, if the U.N. Security Council knew last winter what Kay's group has uncovered now, it never would have rejected the U.S. call for war [...]
'Right up until the end, Saddam lied to the Security Council. And let there be no mistake, right up to the end, Saddam Hussein continued to harbor ambitions to threaten the world with weapons of mass destruction and to hide his illegal weapons activity,' she told the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations.
So there they go again, just making shit up. Literally"
People For the American Way | News From The Right
How to be an Embarassment to Real christians the world over: "This comes as no surprise. Pat Robertson made comments similar to Limbaugh's in July 2002, during an interview with Mason Weaver, author of The Rope, A New Perspective on Freedom and Success:

Mason Weaver: “His only job (Jesse Jackson) is to get the slaves enough government cheese to be healthy enough to get to the polls to vote for the master.”

Pat Robertson: “The ones I’ve seen always point to the honky that’s got the foot on their neck and don’t say its not the honky who’s breeding little babies out of wedlock and stuff like that.”"
White House to Overhaul Iraq and Afghan Missions
Does this bring flashbacks or what?: "The new effort includes the creation of an 'Iraq Stabilization Group,' which will be run by the national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice. The decision to create the new group, five months after Mr. Bush declared the end of active combat in Iraq, appears part of an effort to assert more direct White House control over how Washington coordinates its efforts to fight terrorism, develop political structures and encourage economic development in the two countries.

'This puts accountability right into the White House,' a senior administration official said."

Johnson and his whiz kids took control from the pentagon and controlled the Viet nam war in minute detail from the white house.
FindLaw's Writ - Dean: Missing Weapons Of Mass Destruction
FindLaw's Writ - Dean: Missing Weapons Of Mass Destruction: "'Right now, Iraq is expanding and improving facilities that were used for the production of biological weapons.'
United Nations Address
September 12, 2002
'Iraq has stockpiled biological and chemical weapons, and is rebuilding the facilities used to make more of those weapons.'
'We have sources that tell us that Saddam Hussein recently authorized Iraqi field commanders to use chemical weapons -- the very weapons the dictator tells us he does not have.'
Radio Address
October 5, 2002
'The Iraqi regime . . . possesses and produces chemical and biological weapons. It is seeking nuclear weapons.'
'We know that the regime has produced thousands of tons of chemical agents, including mustard gas, sarin nerve gas, VX nerve gas.'
'We've also discovered through intelligence that Iraq has a growing fleet of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles that could be used to disperse chemical or biological weapons across broad areas. We're concerned that Iraq is exploring ways of using these UAVS for missions targeting the United States.'
'The evidence indicates that Iraq is reconstituting its nuclear weapons program. Saddam Hussein has held numerous meetings with Iraqi nuclear scientists, a group he calls his 'nuclear mujahideen' - his nuclear holy warriors. Satellite photographs reveal that Iraq is rebuilding facilities at sites that have been part of its nuclear program in the past. Iraq has attempted to purchase high-strength aluminum tubes and other equipment needed for gas centrifuges, which are used to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons.'
Cincinnati, Ohio Speech
October 7, 2002
'Our intelligence officials estimate that Saddam Hussein had the materials to produce as much as 500 tons of sarin, mustard and VX nerve agent.'
State of the"
Chicago Tribune | Left waiting in Iraq
Chicago Tribune | Left waiting in Iraq: "Morale among my son-in-law's unit, already low, has plummeted even further. When he was first deployed, he was apprehensive but willing, as he said, 'to serve my country.'

He no longer believes what he is doing is serving his country in any way.

'We just patrol and do guard duty,' he says. 'We're walking targets.'

These men feel that they are viewed by the Bush administration as expendable bodies.

'Bring 'em on,' says our president. Lie to them, mislead them--no big deal. One or two killed each day--no big deal."
MoveOn.org: Democracy in Action
MoveOn.org: Democracy in Action: "Defend Democracy in Texas
Impeachment. The 2000 Election. The California Recall. The pattern is becoming clear: there's a group of men in power who will do anything to consolidate that power, including undermining our democratic institutions. We've got to fight back. In Texas, they are fighting back. And while the world is focusing on the California mess, they are fighting alone. They need our help.
A partisan plan pushed by Karl Rove and Tom Delay will redistrict up to 7 Democrats out of Congress. 11 Democratic State Senators hid across state lines -- with the Texas Governor calling for their arrest -- to prevent this illegitimate plan from being strong-armed into law. They put their reputations and careers on the line for all of us"
MoveOn.org: Democracy in Action
MoveOn.org: Democracy in Action: "Tell Attorney General John Ashcroft to appoint a special prosecutor now. "

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