Drunken Ravings
Grover Norqist and GOP Ties to the Taliban

Yet another story the mainstream media cant ignore for much longer.
CHER c-span transcript
Peter Slen, C-Span Moderator: Good Morning Miami Beach

caller: good morning! thank you for c-span, i watch it every day!
uh, i would like to say i had the occasion the other day to spend the entire day with troops that had come back from iraq & had been wounded &..um...i also visited troops during the vietnam era...but the thing that i was most shocked by...um...as i walked into the hospital the first person i ran into was a boy about 19 or 20 years old who'd lost both of his arms...& when i walked into the hosptial & visited all these boys all day long...uh...everyone had lost either one arm...one limb or two limbs or had lost one limb & there were...there were a lot of legs that seemed to be missing & a couple of the boys told me it was because that their vehicles ...that the rockets pierce the vehicles so much its like being kind of in a tin can...it doesnt have...there isnt...the walls of the humvees are very soft & theres no protection...but three guys in the same vehicle have lost a leg.
...& another thing that i saw was that...um...if theyd lost one leg that... that shrapnel that had hit the other leg had been so devatating that they were having to pull like the thigh...you know...the muscle & the thigh around the bottom of the calf to try to make the leg workable but in some cases these boys had lost one leg & the other leg was so damaged that they werent sure what they were gonna be able to do.

C-Span Moderator: where did you spend tthe day?

caller: walter-reed.

C-Span Moderator: & youre down in miami beach, back in miami beach?

caller: i'm down here today.

C-Span Moderator: what were you doing @ walter -reed? are you a volunteer?

caller: no, i was just asked to come & spend the day. i was working that day in washington dc &...

C-Span Moderator: what kind of work do you do?

caller: um, i'm an entertainer.

C-Span Moderator: oh, what kind of entertaining? are you USO?

caller: no, i actually was called by the USO but i'm...i'm...i'm just...i'm an entertainer. & i really dont want to go much past that but...um...

C-Span Moderator: is this CHER?

caller: yeah.

C-Span Moderator: (worshipful silence) ok. & you spent the day @ walter-reed.

caller: yeah. & i spent the day with, i mean they were great guys...&...& the the men that took me around were in the...you know...the services,you know, they were fabulous men...uh...mike & john &...& they these boys had unbelievable courage & they still said for the most part hat they were glad that they they did it, they felt that it was their duty...& there were a few of the national guards that felt it was their duty that once they were over there but they wondered why they were taken out of america to spend that much time as as actual service men when they really felt that their job was to be, you know, protecting this country.
...but i i have to say that they had the most unbeleivable courage & it took everything that i have as a person to...to not...you know... break down while i was talkin to these guys...but i just think that if there was no reason for this war this was the most heinous thing i'd ever seen...& also i wonder why...why are none of cheney, wolfowitz, bremer, the president, why arent they taking pictures with all these guys...coz...i dont understand why these guys are so hidden & why...& why there arent pictures of them because you know, talking about the dead & the wounded...thats two different things but these wounded are so devastadley wounded...you know...that i think that... the wounded...its just... its unbelievable...its just unbelieivable to me & i'm an independant but i....

C-Span Moderator: are you supporting anyone yet for 2004?
you supported ross perot, correct? in 92?

caller: yeah, i mean when i heard him talk right in the beginning i thought that he would bring some sort of common-sense business approach & also less partisianship but then of course...you know...i was completley disappointed like everyone else when he just kind of cut & run & no one knew exactly why ...you know...being that maybe he couldnt have withstood all the investigation that goes on now...but...um...you know...i'm not a bush supporter, that for sure...& im definitley not ashcroft or cheney or any of them...but i would just like to see them have...you know, if youre going to send these people to war then dont hide them, you know &...&...& have some... have some news coverage where people are sitting & talking to these guys & seeing how they are & seeing their spirit & its just...i just...
i think its a crime

C-Span Moderator: when you were up here for your farewell concert earlier this month, is that when you went to walter reed?

callr: yeah.

C-Span Moderator: ok well thanks for your time this morning, thanks for watching

callre: oh i have to tell you i watch you every day & i really appreciate it because i go all over the world & i must say that the news we get in america has nothing to do with the news that you get outside of this country & i think thats why people dont..people dont understand why so many of the allies did not...you know, our usual allies did not join us because if you get outside the united states you hear a different kind of news you know & so...

C-Span Moderator: whats your favorite news source outside the US?

caller: well theres a source that i really like inside the US that gives you special documentaries called WORLDLINK but i think my favorite source outside the US is BBC because they are our allies but you still get...on the nightly news you get...you know, much more coverage & i think much more honest coverage...I dont know, i guess they're not...well...they're independant so they're not owned by any of the major corporations that are... you know, have vested interes in this war.

C-Span Moderator: thanks for your call this morning.

caller: ok, thank you!

Why hasnt Bush attended any Soldiers funerals.. or visited the wounded?

Buchanan and Press from late August

An exchange between Four Star General. BARRY MCCAFFREY; BILL PRESS and JOE GALLOWAY, a veteran correspondent, who's probably best known for his book and movie, "We Were Soldiers Once ... and Young".

MCCAFFREY: Joe, why aren't we getting news on the number of wounded? Like you, I spent more than two years in Walter Reed as a patient. Why aren't we hearing more visibility on numbers and types of wounds, is there a fear to get, you know, touched by the genie of the bottle, too many wounded...

GALLOWAY: Well, you can find the numbers out, but you've got to go to Walter Reed or you've got to the hospital at Landstuhl and you'll find out that there have been 1,300 wounded American soldiers, GIs, pass through Walter Reed since the beginning of Afghanistan.

To me that's the real failing of the media is that they lose sight of things like that and not enough people go over to Walter Reed and walk through the wards and talk to these kids.

PRESS: Joe, I want to ask you a related question. To my knowledge, and I've talked to a couple of reporters about this. President Bush has not attended the funeral of even one American soldier killed in Iraq. Is that a significant story? And why hasn't there been any media attention to that at all?

GALLOWAY: I don't know the answer to that. I've not seen any story that said he has been to one of those funerals. I think he should. I think it would be-even if it's just a symbolic one guy, go to the funeral.

PRESS: I mean imagine if President Clinton were president now or Al Gore were president now and did not attend the funeral of one American killed in Iraq.

GALLOWAY: I think there would be a firestorm.

MCCAFFREY: Yes, tough issue.

9/11 Commission Could Subpoena Oval Office Files

Published: October 26, 2003

ADISON, N.J., Oct. 25 — The chairman of the federal commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks says that the White House is continuing to withhold several highly classified intelligence documents from the panel and that he is prepared to subpoena the documents if they are not turned over within weeks.

Vietnam killing spree revelations shock US

Atrocity to rival My Lai is exposed - after 36 years

Tiger Force operated out of control in the Vietnamese highlands for seven months in 1967. Moving across the region, the platoon of 45 paratroops slaughtered unarmed farmers and their wives and children. They tortured and mutilated victims. A litany of horror has emerged - a baby decapitated for the necklace he wore, a teenage boy for his tennis shoes. A former Tiger Force sergeant, William Doyle, told reporters of a scalp he took off a young nurse to decorate his rifle. The Blade investigation concluded that hundreds probably died. 'We weren't keeping count,' Ken Kerney, a former soldier who is now a California firefighter, told the paper. 'I knew it was wrong, but it was an acceptable practice.' Another, Rion Causey, then a 19-year-old medic and now a nuclear physicist, talked of how villagers were routinely shot: 'If they ran we shot them, and if they didn't run we shot them anyway


Bill Carpenter, a former special infantryman with Tiger Force, believes the self-styled death squad's former commander, Lt James Hawkins, should be held accountable. He 'thoroughly enjoyed killing' and, now retired to Florida, still defiantly defends his platoon's wartime activities. 'I don't regret nothing,' Hawkins has said

Someone needs to shoot this son of a bitch.

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