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Oliver Willis: Like Kryptonite To Stupid
Oliver Willis: Like Kryptonite To Stupid: "The New Republicans

The most striking thing about the new Republicanism is the way it embraces big government. The Bush administration has presided over a $400 billion expansion of Medicare entitlements. The party that once campaigned to abolish the Department of Education has produced an education plan that involves unprecedented federal involvement in local public schools. There is talk from the White House about a grandiose new moon shot. Budgetary watchdogs like the Heritage Foundation echo the Republican Senator John McCain's complaint about 'drunken sailor' spending"
TalkLeft: The Politics of Crime
TalkLeft: The Politics of Crime: "In a new interview with journalist Craig Oliver, Canadian Maher Arar and his wife renew their call for a full inquiry into his seizure at JFK by American authorities who transported him to Syria where he was imprisoned and tortured. "
TAP: Web Feature: Bush's 'ownership' scam. by Robert Kuttner. December 24, 2003.
TAP: Web Feature: Bush's 'ownership' scam. by Robert Kuttner. December 24, 2003.: "Bush's 'ownership' scam
Why Bush's 'Ownership Society' is just another bait and switch.
By Robert Kuttner
Web Exclusive: 12.24.03
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In President Bush's upcoming State of the Union Address, we are going to hear a lot about something called an 'Ownership Society.' The idea is that American workers aspire to be owners - owners of stock for their retirement, owners of homes, owners of businesses, owners of good health insurance, and owners of the skills that they need to navigate multiple changes of jobs and careers. It sounds just great.
Take a closer look, however, and you will recognize the trademarked Bush combination of inspiring themes coupled with a complete absence of useful tools. In other words, bait-and-switch.
Other recent examples include No Child Left Behind (millions were); the Medicare drug bill (covers less than half the costs and mainly subsidizes drug companies) and three rounds of huge tax breaks that went mostly to the wealthy. But I digress.
How does Bush propose to create this 'Ownership Society?' Mainly through….more tax credits. If people lack reliable health care, there will be tax-favored savings accounts to buy health insurance. If we need more secure retirement, there are new tax incentives to set aside savings. If jobs are precarious, there are tax credits to purchase re-training when your job moves to China. "
Hullabaloo: "Matt Yglesias is right when he says:

Everyone must read David Brooks' column and come to the realization that either Brooks is lying to us, or else administration sources are lying to Brooks. The program that Brooks describes sounds reasonable enough, but this bundle of proposals is, in fact, designed to accomplish something rather different. The idea is to shelter from taxation various savings and investment schemes that will provide a minor level of help to average middle class folks. At the same time, however, there will be no caps on the quantity of money that can be thereby sheltered"
Salon.com | Joe Conason's Journal
Salon.com : "Joe Conason's Journal
Democrats deserve coal this year -- and give the opportunistic Joe Lieberman an extra shovel's worth"

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