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Intelligence: Hussein Warned Iraqis to Beware Outside Fighters, Document Says
Intelligence: Hussein Warned Iraqis to Beware Outside Fighters, Document Says: "


Saddam Hussein warned his Iraqi supporters to be wary of joining forces with foreign Arab fighters entering Iraq to battle American troops, according to a document found with the former Iraqi leader when he was captured, Bush administration officials said Tuesday.

The document appears to be a directive, written after he lost power, from Mr. Hussein to leaders of the Iraqi resistance, counseling caution against getting too close to Islamic jihadists and other foreign Arabs coming into occupied Iraq, according to American officials."

How much more evidence do we need before the press notices Bush is a Liar as well as a deserter and protector of traitors?
Salon.com News
The media vs. Howard Dean

"Democrats haven't voted yet, but reporters have got the story: The former Vermont governor is angry, gaffe-prone and unelectable. How do they know? Republicans, and anonymous Democrats, told them so."

Salon.com Nails it. Courtesy of Roger Ailes (the other one) excellent blog.
Op-Ed Columnist: The Awful Truth
Paul Krugman nails it once again:

Op-Ed Columnist: The Awful Truth: "So far administration officials have attacked Mr. O'Neill's character but haven't refuted any of his facts. They have, however, already opened an investigation into how a picture of a possibly classified document appeared during Mr. O'Neill's TV interview. This alacrity stands in sharp contrast with their evident lack of concern when a senior administration official, still unknown, blew the cover of a C.I.A. operative because her husband had revealed some politically inconvenient facts"

ajc.com | News | Sept. 11 commission will request Bush, Clinton to meet with panel
(New York Daily News)
He also said that because of alleged stonewalling by the Bush administration and by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's office, some commissioners want to extend their probe past the May deadline for the final report, while others are against any extension, Felzenberg said.


The White House proposed greenlighting the extension if the commission would agree to release the report after the November election, but then officials pulled back the offer, Newsweek reported Sunday

For those who think the administration isnt hiding something about 9/11. Bush has stonewalled the 9/11 commission and tried to gut it. It becomes clearer daily why.

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